Timber Floor Care

Love it ~ Care for it ~ Keep it

Timber Floor Care

Timber Flooring in your home will pay dividends for years in terms of comfort, health and value, so it makes ultimate sense to maintain your timber floor’s surface and integrity. When properly installed and maintained, there is no reason why a timber floor should not last the life of the building.


How to keep your timber floor clean and fresh

A hardwood timber floor will look better for longer if it is kept as clean as possible. To remove surface dirt and grit, regularly vacuum, with a soft bristle head or an electrostatic attachment, or sweep with an electrostatic mop.
Doormats are useful before the entrances, but remember to keep the doormats clean!

The reality is that regardless of its density, hardness or coating, over time and heavy traffic, timber floors will mark and scratch. The good news is that they can be resurfaced and re-coated as required. STFI understand the nuances of wood types and will help you restore older floors to their former glory. Before you get to the refurbish stage, we suggest some things here, that you can do to protect a floor’s surface.

Do this!

  • Ensure there are protective pads underneath all furniture legs
  • Clean and dust regularly
  • Immediately clean up any liquid spillage
  • Engage refurbish maintenance early, to avoid a complete re-sanding job

Don't do this!

  • Wash your timber floors using a wet mop
  • Pour any cleaner directly onto the floor!

Avoid This

  • Stiletto heels, hard sole shoes and work boots
  • Direct sunlight – consider UV protection on windows
  • Sand and grit – Public Floor Enemy #1

STFI is a Certified Boral Supplier of Timber Flooring and Sub-floor plywood.
Some of the stunning wood flooring species that are available are shown here, but we will discuss your needs and tastes to help select the best one for your floor.